Marketing Redefined offers content sponsorship opportunities for marketing professionals and agencies. We offer custom sponsorship packages, that will guarantee you exposure among the industry-specific community and publicity.

Sponsorship is available in certain categories:

  1. Agency Life
  2. Expert Advisory
  3. CMO Interview

Sponsors are able to submit their content, which can promote their startup, corporation, agency or personality within the mentioned categories.

To submit a sponsored article and discuss cost of the publication please contact [email protected]

Categories Guide (sponsored):

Agency Life

News from agencies and Agency Life articles. The articles can promote the agencies’ business, showcase their employees, projects, cases, awards, benefits in working at the specific agency and so on.

It is allowed to highlight employees benefits in the agency, unique approach company takes towards their clients, projects and employees and describe awards that were won.

It is also allowed to link to own agency website and related online resources.
It is not allowed to compare agencies and to judge on the quality of work, approach and any other issues that are concerned to other companies.

Expert Advisory

Advisory from the experts in marketing and technology sectors.

It is allowed to make a name of the expert public, link to the expert’s social media channels, personal website and the company website which an expert is representing.

An article shall be educational and professional, showcasing the expertise and knowledge of the particular individual and/or an affiliated company

CMO Interview

Exclusive interviews with top CMOs of various companies, from startups to enterprises.

It is allowed to link to affiliated company and own websites, social media channels and examples of the work, that has been done under the CMOs management.

Interviews will be in-depth publications of the discussions, happening on our podcast (coming soon).