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How we monetize our marketing blog

Marketing Redefined is aimed to be an independent and commercially-free media resource, created by marketers for marketing professionals. Our marketing blog is strictly moderated by a team of professional editors to ensure the quality of the content, which includes commercial-free posts and no promotion of goods or services of any kind. Each article is manually checked and references within it are validated for accuracy and a quality of information.

Our effort in creating a top-notch marketing blog isn't coming for free. A team of editors and content marketers is working hard on a daily basis. Technical support requires expenses and the whole infrastructure has to be properly maintained.

In order to keep our marketing blog up and running and to make sure you get an interrupted access to the quality content from marketing, creative and tech industry, we have opened an opportunity for brands and industry professionals to publish sponsored content on our website.

Sponsored content is placed exclusively under the following categories/tags: Agency Life, Expert Advisory and CMO Interview. Contact us for the sponsorship queries and articles pitching.